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Spring 2014 - Chizhou Tour

April 27 to 28, led by General Manager Mr.zhu, staff conducted a two-day tours "Jiuhua Tianchi - Guniujiang - Heng Fa Chuen" natural scenic.
Especially after the rain in the morning fresh and charming, while everyone looked pleased and looking forward to the tour bus slowly pulled out from the main door, flew the area. Along the lush woods, winding hills, so used to seeing people skyscrapers full of novelty, completely oblivious of travel, fatigue, deep magnificent natural scenery to attract.
After reaching Jiuhua Tianchi scenic sky cleared, showing a blue green water, Castle towering, water gurgling, attractive scenery Fenqiangdaiwa, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, grabbing warp. Stroll in the mountain path, although less but the fragrance of the soil, has ushered in a long absence, natural and fresh. Boulders along the way to enjoy the scenery, especially fans of the Cave of the Seven Wonders of glaciers, deep natural forces and years of magical marvel! Set foot on the boat, drifting across the landscape Tianchi, feel it is a painting, it is a poem, as if time has stopped, time is no longer old. After the tour to sit down King PDI, the way the face of the emergence of a hill, the front of the saw blank, in faint unease vehicle instantly rushed to the top, used to go flat and wide avenue for us, the various fears, sharp called a sudden outbreak, along with the vehicle sped down the steep and crazy flying constantly, but eventually smooth ride to the foothills. Recall that this journey down the bland, people feel difficult mountain, intentions and drivers due diligence master scenic road design is really an unexpected and surprising experience.
"I ask where there are restaurants? Shepherd boy Yao Zhi Heng Fa Chuen." "Business women do not know subjugation hate, across the still sing" backyard flower. "" ...... These popular verse to the Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu Heng Fa Chuen and linked together also brought us here. Into the world of the first verse Village - Heng Fa Chuen, read these verses, the poet Du Mu can not help but feel underappreciated at the time, concern for the fate, drinking to forget the bleak mood. The life of a genius is not used to create the final, but helpless to splurge, people can not help but regret this fate!
Residential building in the village also features a full Huizhou, green glazed tile, lintel grilles, patio groove various wood, brick, stone too deep which is displayed in plain gorgeous, and in the rough mad thin foil. Fully integrated residential local hills landscape, water features throughout, so that the perfect unity with nature, but also reflects the transcendent wisdom of the ancients and insight.
In addition to poetry carved gallery, Huizhou architecture and other ancient cultures of the show, as well as the village Huangmei, martial arts and other folk performances, it should be said that these artists are very dedicated, can meet to watch the show to meet the requirements of tourists. But the general feeling after watching a hint of regret, like Huangmei opera, etc., in my childhood was once an important entertainment people, and has been hard to find, it is estimated only survive under the protection of the local government. Throughout his performance, I personally think that the script, stage, costumes, props, makeup, performing both formally nothing new, diverse entertainment today, its fate is self-evident.
Guniujiang beauty full of charm, no polish, natural, is a United States to fully integrate with your place. Beautiful calm distance, close look also memorable. Here's mountain cliffs everywhere, but no danger, majestic yet meandering winds. Here towering old trees, but not crowded, and the landscape each other, witnessed years of vicissitudes. Here's the water, shape thousands, or waterfalls, or clean Wild Rivers, or flowing streams, with the mountains on the potential, and the natural blending of vulgarity.
As the saying goes "wise water music benevolent Leshan," while Guniujiang shift the landscape effectively blend the mountain due to water and the Spirit, the water because of the mountains and the odd, this is the beauty of it, to the intoxicating beauty.
Day event along with the beauty of the way over, but it will bring happiness, sweet and memories will stay forever in our hearts. But also to have more communication and exchange among employees, enhance mutual understanding and trust, strengthen the team spirit, for the future of the work carried out has played a positive role in promoting.